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SSKSteel is an emerging & fast-growing company. We are committed to our values to realize our goal of being the best in this Industry. By working with us, you have access to a large resource pool of professional, Tekla & SDS2 Engineers, Structural Steel Engineers and Quality control teams. Our team will work with you as an extension of your resources seamlessly, transparently and effectively.

At SSKSteel, we have created a capable group that includes picked, talented, and experienced detailers, who have been taking into account various types of prerequisites throughout the years. With the latest software in hand & this intelligent team besides, we take care of residential projects as well as commercial projects. As we know for fabricators and contractors, steel detailing consists of shop drawing creations. We make sure that the great plans, essential reports, the cost estimates, and other needed tasks are in a readable manner. In this way, we ensure that the odds of errors or mistakes are essentially less.

SSKSteel provides higher-level and qualitative, designers and temporary workers for a long time. We have team of steel detailers who are expertise in steel detailing and miscellaneous steel. At SSKSteel, we understand essential role of steel detailing process in interfacing experts like designers, engineers, fabricators, temporary workers and more with a person accountable for a venture. Accordingly, we investigate every possibility in giving the best of results.